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In this page we want to give some useful information to disabled persons about the city of Siena in the matter of the accessibility of cinemas, museums, sporting centres and so on. Here we propose a list of places without architectural barriers. We hope to give valid indications, but for any suggestion and clarifications you can contact us to
To demolish all barriers, not only those architectural!!

The town is built on an hill and for this reason there are a lot of up and down. The accessibility into the city is strictly prohibited to cars unless you are willing to pay around 40.00 Euros per days for parking in it! Instead disables with authorized badge are allowed to enter the city, just thanks to this special permit for visiting it. Many sites in Siena are accessible and some of impediments have been solved by direct intervention of the relative authority or simply for adaptation of the area. For more information
The city of Siena pays particular attention to disabled persons in different aspects: from means of transport, to cinemas, theatres, museums and moreover it offers a lot of possibilities about accessible tourism.


The university of the studies in Siena has an office to welcome disabled persons: the Reception Disabled Office attends the organization and the realization of services of assistance that has offered the university in order to facilitate the integration of disabled students and to guarantee the correct relationships with university structures and the whole teaching staff and not. The set piece of this office is represented by a wide net of collaborators, students and objectors, all motivated to organize events in order to remove all obstacles: physical, cultural, architectural or psychological that can impede the full participation to the university life.
Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30-12.30. Tuesday and Thursday also 15.00-17.00
Via Banchi di Sotto, 55 - 53100 - Siena
Tel: +39-0577 232250
Fax: +39-0577 232042


To travel for disabled tourist involves often a lot of difficulties, because of structures and means of transport are not equipped with facilitated accesses and they don't give assistance to disabled persons. But this is not the case of Tuscany and of the city and communes of Siena that offer a large number of possibilities. You have some suggestions below.

Accessible Agritourism:

Cretaiole Agriturism, by Luciano Moricciani - Via S. Gregorio 14 - 53026 Pienza (Siena):
Tel: +39-0578-748083
Tel/Fax: +39-0578-748378
Cell: +39-3396640060 (Carlo) or +39-3387409245 (Isabella)

House for Holidays Villa Sabolini - Loc. Mensanello 53034, Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena):
Tel: +39-0577972001
Fax: +39-0577972800
Cell: +39-3336704788
- Villa Sabolini proposes an Holiday that is free from architectural barriers and from every economic conditioning, able to offer the pleasure of a stay in an ancient place, once a noble residence.

Girasole - Via Trento e Trieste 45, near the old town, 53011 Castellina in Chianti (Siena):
Tel: +39-0577741327
Fax: +39-0577741347
- The agritourism is accessible without companion.


Cooperativa Sogno Telematico - Piazza del Campo Palazzo Berlinghieri, 8, 53100 (Siena):
Tel: +39-800585052
Fax: +39-0577292398

Assessor of work, careers guidance and vocational training, welfare (health and society), equal opportunities - Fiorenza Anatrini, secretary Stefania Montomoli:
Tel: +39-0577241354
Fax: +39-0577241242

Socializing Centres for Disabled Persons, Hospitality Compound of "S. Petronilla" (day-centre) - Via S. Petronilla 7- Siena.
Tel: +39-0577222052.
Day-Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30-16.30
Price: € 9.00 per day for the day-hospitality.

Specialized Staff gives domiciliary assistance to disabled persons.
For information:
Tel: +39-0577292495
For information about the free service of the mini buses:
Tel: +39-057743113 (Pubblic Assistance of Siena).


Taxi service: There are nine vehicles designed for wheelchair users. The radio unit is open 24 hours a day; from 7.00 to 19.00 there is an operator and from 21.00 onwards there is an automatic answering machine until 7.00.
Check-Point Tourist Bus: Fagiolone, Strada di Pescaia
Information and reservation:
Tel: +39-0577228711
Fax: +39-0577228787


The Italian railways net is well equipped to help people with disability. More than 150 Italian railway stations have a reception service for disabled travellers and about 900 trains Eurostar has coach for disables, but this service must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. The Siena Central Station is not equipped for disable.
For more information
Stazione Ferroviaria, Piazzale Rosselli, Siena
Tel: +39-0577270600


Siena Airport Ampugnano: it pays special attention to the disabled and these passengers are assisted during embarking and disembarking. An attendant will accompany them on board and wait for them at the arrival. All facilities for disabled people are provided in the airport, such as wheel-chairs, medical and paramedical service, toilette, public telephone-booth and dedicated park places. All necessary special equipment for embarking and disembarking are also provided.
For more information:
Tel: +39-0577392226
Fax: +39-0577349218


There are different accessible hotels in Siena. In general, all the hotels with accessible for handicapped in Siena can be booked, also on line, in advance and with an instant confirmation with no extra charge and no deposit required.


Academy of Fisiocritici, Natural History Museum - Piazzetta S. Gigli, 2:
Tel: +39-057747002
Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00
Closed: Thursday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
- Accessible for the disabled. Accessible toilette.

Dome - Piazza Duomo:
Tel: +39-0577283048
Working Hours: from 1/03 to 31/05 10.30-19.30 * from 1/06 to 31/08 10.30-20.00 * from 1/09 to 1/11 10.30-19.30 * from 2/09 to 28/02 10.30-18.00
- Wheelchair accessible through an entrance situated to the left of steps.

Crypt of the Dome and Stairs of San Giovanni - Piazza Duomo:
Tel: + 39 0577283048
Working Hours: from 1/03 to 31/05 9.30-12.00 * from 1/06 to 31/08 9.30-20.00 * from 1/09 to 1/11 9.30-19.00 * from 2/11 to 28/02 10.00-17.00
- Reservations are recommended. Wheelchair accessible with carer.

Civic Museum - Piazza Il Campo, 1:
Tel: +39-0577292226
Working Hours: from 1/11 to 25/11 10.00-18.30 * from 26/11 to 22/12 10.00- 17.30 * from 23/12 to 6/01 10.00-18.30 * from 7/01 to 15/02 10.00-17.30 * from 16/02 to 15/03 10.00- 18.30 * from 16/03 to 31/1 10.00-19.00
- Accessible by lift. Accessible toilette for the disabled.

Opera Museum - Piazza Duomo, 8:
Tel: +39-057742309 or +39-0577283098
Working Hours: from 1/03 to 31/05 9.30-19.00 * from 1/06 to 31/08 9.30- 20.00 * from 1/09 to 1/11 9.30-19.00 * from 2/11 to 28/02 10.00-17.00
- Too many steps to be wheelchair accessible.

Museum of the society of Esecutori Pie Disposizioni - Via Roma, 71:
Tel: +39-0577284300
Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-13.00 * Tue and Thu 15.00- 17.00. For groups reservation is required.
- Not wheelchair accessible.

Museum of Bologna Buonsignori - Via Roma, 50:
Tel: +39-0577284300
Working Hours: open upon appointment: Mon and Fri 9.00-12.00 * Tue and Thu 15.00-17.00
- Not wheelchair accessible.

Oratory of San Bernardino - Piazza San Francesco:
Tel: +39-0577283048
Working Hours: from 1/03 to 1/11 10.30-13.30 and 15.00-17.30
- Not wheelchair accessible.

Botanical Garden - Via Pier Andrea Mattioli, 4:
Tel: +39-0577232871 or +39-0577235407/09
Working Hours: Mon-Sat 8.30-12.30 and 14.30-17.30 * Sat 8.00-12.00
Closed: Saturday afternoon, Sunday and public holidays
- Not wheelchair accessible.

National Pinacoteca - Via San Pietro, 29:
Tel: +39-0577281161 or +39-0577286143
Working Hours: Mon 8.30-13.30 * Tue-Sat 8.15-19.15 * Sun 8.15-13.15
- Completely accessible thanks to an elevator and stairlifts.

Museums of Santa Maria della Scala - Piazza Duomo, 2:
Tel: +39-0577224811
Fax: +39-0577224829
Working Hours: 10.30-18.30. Closed on Tuesday.
- All rooms are fully wheelchair accessible; Museum staff accompany those requiring help to the lower floors through external corridors. Accessible toilette for the disabled. Didactic facilities by appointment for visually-impaired groups.

Piccolomini Library - Piazza Duomo:
Tel: +39-0577283048
Working Hours: from 1/03 to 31/05 10.30-19.30 * from 1/06 to 31/08 10.30-20.00 * from 1/09 to 1/11 10.30-19.30 * from 2/09 to 28/02 10.30-18.00
- Library is situated inside the Dome and is accessible thanks to a platform located to the left of the main entrance.

Church of S. Agostino - Prato S. Agostino:
Tel: +39-0577226785
Working Hours: from 15/03 to 31/10 11.00-13.30 and 14.00-17.30
- Wheelchair accessible through a side entrance. No accessible toilette.

Baptistery of San Giovanni - Piazza San Giovanni:
Tel: +39-0577283048
Working Hours: from 1/03 to 31/05 9.30-19.00 * from 1/06 to 31/08 9.30-20.00 * from 1/09 to 1/11 9.30-19.00 * from 2/11 to 28/02 10.00-17.00
- The Ticket Office closes 20 minutes before the museum closing time. Wheelchair accessible with carer.

Sanctuary and House of Santa Caterina - Costa di S. Antonio, 6:
Tel: + 39 0577 288175
Working Hours: 7.00-18.30
- Fully accessible structure thanks to wheelchair ramps. Access from Via della Sapienza, then Via delle Terme and Via dei Pittori.

Synagogue - Vicolo delle Scotte, 14:
Tel: +39-0552346654
Working Hours: only Sun 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00
- Not wheelchair accessible.

Tower of the Mangia - Piazza del Campo,1:
Tel: +39-0577292263 or +39-057729226-342
Working Hours: from 1/11 to 15/03 10.00- 16.00 * from 16/03 to 31/10 10.00-19.00
- Not wheelchair accessible.

Museum of Children Art c/o Santa Maria della Scala - Piazza Duomo, 1:
Tel: +39-0577534511
Working Hours: Mon- Thu 10.30-16.30, Fri-Sun 10.30-18.30. Closed on Tuesday.
Exhibition Working Hours: 10.30-18.30
- The visiting hours can be changed according to special needs and specific bookings. Availability material for visually-impaired people.

Municipal Library of Intronati - Via della Sapienza, 3:
Tel: +39-0577280704
Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-19.00 * Sat 9.00-13.45
- The entrance for the disabled is located in Via della Sapienza, no. 3. Inside there is a mobile platform reaching the upper floors.

Chigi Saracini Palace - Via di Città, 89:
Tel: +39-057722091
Working Hours: only open to the public for concerts.
- Partly accessible by means of an elevator which does not lead to the concert floors.

"VIVERE SIENA" is a site that shows how the city of Siena has created some tailored guided tours to tell visitors, also through the sign language, its walls, palaces, masterpieces, rough bricks or the Cathedral smooth marble but also its noises or nice smells. This is Siena without barriers.
Information and reservation:
Tel: +39-057743273
Fax: +39-0577094623

For more information:

The province of Siena, through the program "More Assistance", offers tickets for the educational assistance for disabled of infant, primary and secondary schools of first and second level in the school year 2006/07. It is an economic help for the home educational support of disabled and deaf students. For more information you can go on the site of the province of Siena

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