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Here is an example of a traditional sienese meal:
Antipasto: crostini neri
Primo: Pappardelle con la lepre
Secondo: Scottiglia
Dolce: cavallucci

As Follow the recipes for each dish: (ingredients for 6 people):

6 slices of homemade toasted bread, 300 gr. of fowlers’liver, 200 gr veal spleen, 2 anchovies, 100 gr. capers, 200 gr. onion, a glass of white wine, broth, salt, pepper and olive oil.
Recipe: cut onion into very small pieces, put in pan with olive oil, heat until onion becomes golden Coloured. Meanwhile, cut anchovies, add livers and spleen (wash carefully before), add to the pan with onion, add the capers and pour wine on the whole. Add salt and pepper, simmer for 20 minutes. When cooked, hash with mixer, add olive oil to make a thick cream.
This cream is then buttered onto the toasted bread slices.
Additional tip: bread slices should be first toasted, then added with a little broth, just before buttering on the cream.

Recipe: the hare is cut into small pieces and marinated for a long time in Chianti wine, with herbs. Then it is cooked in “salmì”: a sauce of oil, herbs, lemon and a little vinegar, and cooked together with the minced and lightly fried “coratella” (pluck). The results s a thick, hare-flavoured sauce that is poured on the Pappardelle, a ribbon-shaped type of pasta.

Recipe: small pieces of very different types of meat (rabbit, chicken, lamb, beef) are lightly fried in olive oil with garlic, covered with tomato sauce and addded with a good amount of chilli (peperoncino), then stewed with half a glass of red wine. Flour is then added to obtain a fairly dense sauce.

gredients: 600 gr. sugar or honey, 20 c. water, ground nuts, 20 gr. bicarbonate or pastry yeast, or leaven, 50 gr. candy citrus, 1000 gr. of spices, aniseed, cinnamon, one mandarine orange, 400 gr.flour, pepper or powder ginger.
Recipe: boil sugar with water, until a syrup consistency is obtained, then add all the other ingredients, except flour and bicarbonate. Cut the resulting paste into rectangles, put them on special oven paper or a lightly greased baker’s tin. , cook into the oven at a very mild temperature, to obtain dry, spicy biscuits.

Other typical Sienese dishes include:

Ribollita: slow cooked soup of bread, beans, and vegetables
Arista di maiale: pork loin roasted with rosemary, garlic and wild fennel seeds.
Bruschettta: an appetizer made of roasted tuscan bread added with tomatoes, resh basil and olive oil.
Pici: a type of thick, handmade large-size spaghetti, served with a rich sauce
Fagioli all’Ucceletto: with beans flavoured with olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and sage.

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