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Dining out in Siena

Antica Trattoria Papei
A popular trattoria with outdoor seating at Piazza del Mercato, and traditional Senese dishes such as fresh pasta with wild boar sauce, ravioli in sage butter sauce, tripe, bruschetta, etc.
Address: Piazza del Mercato, 6
Phone: 0577 280894

Trattoria Fontenuova
This piceria is a favorite of locals and offers fresh hand made pici, with a variety of sauces such as ragu, sausage or cheese, pepper and herbs. Grilled meats, vegetables and fresh desserts of the day are also offered. Prices are very reasonable and the table wine is worth the visit.
Address: Piazzetta Ovile 9/10
Phone: 0577 49351

Osteria del Ficomezzo
Dishes offered include Tagliata and hand made pasta dishes. Over 100 local, Italian and foreign wines offered.
Address: Via dei Termini, 71
Phone: 0577 222384

Due Porte
A few minutes from Piazza del Campo, the Due Porte Pizzeria offers fresh fish dishes, barbecued meats, and pizzas baked in a wood burning oven. The charming veranda offers a spectacular view of the Siennese landscape.
Address: Via Stalloreggi, 62
Phone: 0577 221887

Osteria Le Logge
A typical style restaurant which offers a traditional but interesting menu. The owner, Gianni Brunelli, produces an excellent Brunello di Montalcino.
Address: Via del Porrione, 33
Phone: 0577 48013

Ristorante Pizzeria Due Archi
Enjoy pizza from a wood burning oven or traditional Tuscan dishes at this popular spot.
Address: Pian dei Mantellini, 48
Phone: 0577 42277

Il Grattacielo
This is the place where local Sienese still go for lunch. Lunch consists of fresh sausage, salami, local cheeses and salads such as white bean, eggplant, tomato, etc. Enjoy lunch for about 6 or 7 euros, including a glass of the house wine.
Address: Via Pontani 8
Phone: 0577 289326

La Verbena
Located outside the walls of Siena, this restaurant offers meat and fish dishes, as well as delicous pizzas.
Address: Via Pescaia, 53
Phone: 0577 289837

Ristorante La Pizzeria di nonno Mede
This charming pizzeria offers outdoor seating in front of one of Siena's best views -- the Duomo, historical center and the hills of Siena. The menu includes an extensive variety of Pizze, Ciaccini (a specialty of the region), Focaccine Ripiene (stuffed focaccia) and Calzoni. Prices are reasonable, but inquire about the price of your wine before you drink it.
Address: Camporegio, 21
Phone: 0577 247966

Osteria Chiacchera
A comfortable and casual spot with a medeival ambiance, traditional sienese specialties know in italian as "piatti poveri." The menu offers such dishes as Trippa, Pici, Ribollita Soup, and of course the famous cookies of Tuscany, "cantucci," served with the sweet dessert wine of the region, Vin Santo.
Address: Costa di S. Antonio, 4
Phone: 0577 280631

Tea Room
This cafe is a hot spot for students and the young Senese - but only in cold weather months - as it offers hot tea from around the world. A torta of the day is also offered, along with biscotti, liquors and hot chocolates. You can choose from many board games while you sip your tea, or sit back and listen to live music. Be sure to reserve one of the private rooms in advance if you have a group.
Address: Porta Giustizia, 11
Phone: 0577 222753

Vecchia Trattoria Vallerozzi
Located right in the contrada della Lupa, this small restaurant is located on one of Siena's most charming and steepest streets. There is a tiny spot for outdoor seating, and the trattoria offers typical Tuscan cooking, local salumi, cheese and wine. The location is just minutes from Piazza della Posta.
Address: Via Vallerozzi, 36
Phone: 0577 43435

La Finestra
One of Siena's most popular restaurants, offering delicious local specialties, good atmosphere and friendly service. It is one of the few restaurants located at Piazza del Mercato, with an outdoor veranda and a view of Palazzo Comunale, the Torre del Mangia and the Sienese hills just beyond the Piazza. Dishes with wild boar, truffles and porcini mushrooms are some of the specialties offered.
Address: Piazza del Mercato, 14
Phone: 0477 42093

A simple osteria located close to the contradas of Brucco and Giraffaa, known as a spot where local Senese frequent. The menu offers traditional pasta, Tuscan bread soups, grilled meats and risotto, and prices are very reasonable.
Address: Via dei Rossi, 79
Phone: 0577 287592

Ristorante- Pizzeria "Fontebecci"
This restaurant is located outside the walls of Siena, and serves real authentic Naples style pizza. It can be reached by bus, and is said to be worth the trip!
Address: Via Fiorentina, 133
Phone: 0577 50259

Il Vinaio dell'Eremita di Porta all'Arco
For the lovers of flavors of ancient Siena, this charming vinaio is a great spot to enjoy regional wines and antipasti, cured meats and cheeses, as well as Tuscan specialties.
Address: Via delle Cerchia 2
Phone: 0577 49490

Il Rialto
This traditional restaurant is located a bit "off the beaten path," and offers fresh fish.
Address: Via del Rialto, 4
Phone: 0577 236580

Tullio "ai Tre Cristi"
This restaurant is located in the charming contrada of the Giraffe and offers Tuscan specialties, with refined and modern presentation. The service is excellent and the wine list is extensive.
Address: Via Provenzano 1/7
Phone: 0577 280608

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