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QUALITY of LIFE in Siena

Photo by Eva Vujacic

Siena boasts a very high quality of living, made possible by the unique location and history of the city. It is filled with charming architecture, the culture of art, nature, and offers a balance of active student life and tranquility.

It's location is unique in that you can be in the middle of the medieval center one moment, but you can walk for less than 30 minutes and find yourself in the middle of some of Italy's most enchanting countryside.

here are no factories and or industrial settlements of a noticeable size close to Siena, so air pollution is quite low. Also, because the city is surrounded by the countryside, and because the city authority has taken special care to ensure the city proper is off limits to many vehicles.

The culture and tradition of the city is evident in the Palio. The city is divided into "contrade," and there are advantages for the elderly, who have a community and social activities this way, and for the young people, who share social life in a rather small human scale, and therefore are less exposed to the dangers of drugs, alcohol and the like.

All the activities for the preparation of the Palio are an occasion for children, young people and elderly together to have something to do, on a voluntary basis, for a good part of the summer months.

Additional factors are, the quality of wine and food, and the favorable climate. There are several thermal springs and spas villages close to Siena, and the city is only about 1 hour away from the coastal area.

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