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Even though Siena may seem like a quiet town, you can still find a variety of bars and pubs, to meet friends for a beer or glass of wine.
Much time is spent strolling from cafe to cafe, and gathering with friends at Piazza del Campo to listen to live music, watch performances by improvisational entertainers such as fire eaters and clowns, or just enjoying a gelato and the view. The Sienese enjoy the tradition of an evening walk, the "passeggiata", through Banchi di Sopra, while admiring the new window displays and socializing with friends and neighbors.

Below are a few of the pubs and places to frequent during the evening hours.

115 Bar
In via dei Rossi) It was first opened in 1979 in a 14th century palace, and is now furnished with souvenirs of the owner's journeys enjoy, in a quiet setting, dishes prepared in a superb kitchen. Open until about 2 a.m.

Al Cambio
In via Pantaneto) A late night spot for university students, sometimes has evening of live rock music, the bar serves all kind of drinks and is open until about 2 a.m., it gets lively late and on weekends.

Bar Porrione
In the same named street, via del Porrione, about 20 meters from Piazza del Campo, this bar is a hot spot in the nightlife of University students: people pop in for a cheap draught beer, a game of flipper and late night chat. open late until about 3 a.m.

Casa del Boia
(In Piazza del Mercato) This used to be the local executioner's house, and was connected to the execution site by an underground tunnel. It has been transformed into a popular night place, organizing special nights dedicated to, for example singles, foreigners, or cuban music.

Caffe del Corso
For staying out late, or for a cocktail, this bar/caffe offers it all. Located on Banchi di Sopra, the place is filled with young people. There is a nice offering of snacks downstairs and a small dance floor upstairs.

Il Barone Rosso
Food, beer and live music. It is in the centre, and can be found by walking through the streets around Piazza Independenza.

This is a local hangout in Piazza del Sale, with live music and DJ.

The Dublin Post
In Piazza Gramsci, this Irish pub has traditional Irish music from time to time, but also live music too, with a selection of Irish beers and a nice antipasti bar for happy hour.

Robert the Bruce
Near the Fortezza, on Via Monte Santo, this pub gets lively late at night, but offers a large selection of British beers, and fried food.

Enoteca Italiana
Located in the Fortezza, this wine bar offers many opportunities to taste and sample the local and not-so-local wine of Italy. It has a nice outdoor terrace, with tables where you can sit and sip your wine.

The Tea Rooms
Near Porta Giustizia, this comfortable place offers different teas, cocktails and alcoholic drinks accompanied by snacks. Occasionally they have live music, of the jazz variety.

For weekly theater performances, concerts, poetry readings and other evening events, look for advertisements posted on the walls of the main streets of Siena, on the doors of shops in the historical center, and in the tourism office.

During the season of the Palio, be sure to find out which contrada is having a festa each week. Each contrada has a particular week in which they have outdoor celebrations, with a dance floor, live bands, dinners in gardens, and special outdoor eating areas for gelato, pizza and grilled meats.

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