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ARTS & CRAFTS in Siena

Siena and the surrounding towns offer a market for arts and crafts of quality and tradition. Old workshops line the streets of the town, where weavers, ceramic artists, leather goods makers and sculptors work, often using techniques handed down for generations. Often handicrafts are connected to the Palio; the St Mary's bells are good luck charms painted in the contrade colours, given as presents between the Senese people. Colle di Val d'Elsa is a nearby northern town which has a tradition of glassmaking, and the ornaments are of a bright lustre that catches the eye. There is plenty of potential for gifts of a unique stamp here, to bring back a little bit of Tuscany for a friend at home.

About Siena: the Terzo di CittàBianco e Nero
This traditional ceramics workshop maintains the ancient techniques combined with the highest quality material and continues to produce original handmade crafts. All stages of workmanship are carried out in their own studio.
Address: Via dei Fusari 21
Phone: 0577 281093
Website - More info:

Antique Furniture Restoration
This workshop is located in one the most attractive ancient " palazzi" of Siena. The skills implied for the particular craftsmanship include gold leafing, furniture stripping, faux finishing, painting and many others, some dating as far back as the 13th century.

About Siena: the Terzo di CittàStained Glass - Vetrate Artistiche Toscane
This is a famous art glass studio located in the center of Siena, near Piazza del Campo. Craftsmen use special skills to produce handmade stained glass artwork, and work on stained glass window restoration and installation.
Address: Via della Galluzza 5
Phone/Fax: 0577 48 033
Website - More info:

About Siena: the Terzo di CittàArt Bookbinding and Manuscript - Sator Print
"Sator Print" specialises in the production, conservation and restoration of contemporary and ancient books, maps and documents.They also have a unique limited edition of hand-made art-books.
Address: Via Stalloreggi 70/72
Phone: 0577 247478

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