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The city: first touch...

City of Siena
The official municipal site explains its administration and services, including those for foreigners, its restoration work on art and architecture, the city markets and sports facilities.
Offical Website: http://www.comune.siena.it/Il-Turista/Turismo

Tourist Information Office - APT Siena
This is the official Florence tourist site, of "Agenzia per il Turismo". It contains many information avaible in English.
Offical Website: http://www.comune.siena.it/Il-Turista/Turismo
More info: list and addresses of all tourist offices in Siena

AboutSiena.com: Emergency number in Siena
List of all emergency local number in Siena. Print it before arriving.
More info: emergency numbers of Siena

AboutSiena.com: useful maps of Siena
Find all useful maps you can need once in Siena
More info: useful maps of Siena

Other "Web Travel Guides" of Siena
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"Web Hotels Guides" ofSiena
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AboutFlorence.com: Accommodation and hotels in Florence
In these section we'll try to help you on the choice of accommodation for your staying in Florence. Following the list of links you have the chance, whichever is your budget, to find the place that fits for you, from the top quality five stars hotel to the cheap city center hotels or hostels.
More info: Accommodation and hotels in Florence

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